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Posted by Admin
L2 ORION - New Edition start 20.06.2014 time 18:00 GMT +1

I see, that you have answered on our call. Sit down please, I will tell you everything. The world of Orion is harrased by countless hordes of all sorts and kinds of creatures, whole armies under command of generals called Bosses have been diffused on these fields. If u are looking for endless battles, unbelivable adventures, fights side by side with your best buddies, we're for you.

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Posted by Admin
Welcome - Beta Test start 05.06.2014

Our server is completely free. All players must earn honestly to your equipment. Boorishness and does not tolerate fraud. The game introduced many new items, which distinguishes itself from other servers. We remind you to vote for our server - this way it will be played on more people. Regards L2Orion Team

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